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A software engineer, proficient in many languages—Javascript through Python down to C, passionate about open source development, expert in content management systems and linux development.



Director of Shuttle Thread Limited, an IT consultancy providing Plone solutions and bespoke software engineering

At Shuttle Thread we specialise in the Plone CMS and I have personally worked on projects such as:

I have also been engaged in several EU research projects:

...and many other things. Including:

Outside paid work, as part of Shuttle Thread's open source commitment I have personally:


Principal Software Engineer for the British Broadcasting Corporation in FM&T OTG. Roles include:-


Senior Software Engineer for the British Broadcasting Corporation in FM&T Vision. Roles include:-


Software Engineer for the British Broadcasting Corporation in Interactive Factual & Learning. Roles include:-


Software Developer for the British Broadcasting Corporation in Manchester Entertainment. Developing:-


IT Director for OSM Consulting partners, with contracts including

  • Developing further JSP web applications for the Baxter Healthcare Logistics dept.
  • Instructing Armada Surveys on methods for publishing their drawings on clients' intranet websites.


Intranet Analyst for Baxter Healthcare Ltd., Logistics Dept to redesign the supply-chain intranet website to use JSP, as per company policy.

  • Tightly integrated with an Oracle 8i database.
  • Designed for very rapid application development within the website, making full use of current XML technologies, CSS and XSLT.
  • Culminating in a week-long training course given to teach other employees the Java, JSP and XHTML knowledge required to write web applications.

Implemented using Java & JSP on a standalone Apache Tomcat webserver, XHTML, CSS, XSLT, Javascript and DHTML.


Volunteer work assisting the production of the IC student magazine music reviews section.


Temporary programmer over Easter & Summer breaks for Baxter Healthcare Ltd., Logistics Dept, consisting of redesigning a secure, database-driven supply-chain intranet site from scratch, featuring:-

  • Per-user access policies for applications.
  • Web-based administration for every aspect of the website.
  • Dynamic menus, and a user customizable favourites bar.
  • Common tools for database reporting applications, interfacing to an Oracle 8i database.

Implemented using ASP on an IIS server, DHTML, Javascript, and an Access Databse for website configuration.


Volunteer work for Quidenham Parish Church, helping organising and running a children's holiday club, consisting of:-

  • Acting & Presenting the week to the Children.
  • Sourcing, setting up and controlling Audio-Visual systems
  • Scriptwriting for short plays
  • Creating Audio & Visual Material (eg. Jingles, Sound-Effects, etc)


Volunteer work as a member of St. John's Ambulance

July 1998:

Kitchen Help / Waiting for Jenkinsons Caters (Stafford) Ltd.

Educational Achievements:

Degree Level:

MSc in Mathematical Logic and the Theory of Computation - University of Manchester

BSc Mathematics & Computing - Imperial College, London.

'A' Level:

Mathematics: Grade A
General Studies: Grade A
Further Mathematics: Grade B
Physics: Grade B
Geography: Grade C

GCSE Level:

Double-award Science, Mathematics, French, Religious Education, Design & Communication, English, English Literature, Geography.

Other Qualifications:

Computing-related Skills:-

Open Source:

I am a keen supporter of open-source and open-standards, and have ensured code has been published wherever possible. Projects I have contributed to include:-

OS/Unix Experience:

Over a decade of using unices on a daily basis; GNU/Linux (Ubuntu/Debian, CentOS/RHEL), Solaris, IRIX & BeOS

Database Experience:

Highly proficient in designing futureproof DB schemas for most major DB products

Web/XML Technologies:

Pracical experience of modern techniques in web development