Nokia E52




  1. Take battery cover & battery off
  2. Undo 2 cross-head screws. A PH000 bit works.
  3. With nail, gently lever off chrome front of phone. NB: Keyboard will still be attached after this! Don't try and remove it.
  4. Near one of the screw holes, there will be a rectangular gap reaching through to the chrome clip holding on the keyboard. Unclip with flat screwdriver.


  1. If you took it off, attach keypad to phone front, sliding metal part into runners first.
  2. Put the top of the phone front first, then work downwards.

Bluetooth and Linux

There are various tools to do stuff to your phone via. bluetooth:

host:~# hcitool scan
# find address of your phone
host:~# export bt_phone=[BT address of phone]
host:~# bluetooth-agent 5281 &
# The first time you try and access your phone
# you will have to pair with "5281"
host:~# bluez-test-device create $bt_phone

# Browse files
host:~# obexftp -b $bt_phone -l
# Connect to internet
host:~#bluez-test-serial $bt_internet dun
Connected /dev/rfcomm0 to B0:5C:E5:94:57:88
Press CTRL-C to disconnect
(Control-Z: the connection will die when this process ends)
host:~# pon o2_mobileweb /dev/rfcomm0

Doing things via AT commands

The AT commandset supported by the phone seems rather poor. The only SMS command from Nokia's AT commandset is sending messages:

AT+CMGS="+4412344566"<cr>This is a message<esc>

Bluetooth keyboard

Contacts sync


Good applications

SWF Icons

There are several classes of icons, with some overriding others. The lookup order in the JAD file goes as follows:
Nokia-Scalable-Icon-MIDlet-<n> (In S60 3rd Edition FP 2 and newer) MIDlet-<n> Nokia-Scalable-Icon (In S60 3rd Edition FP 2 and newer) MIDlet-Icon Platform default icon