Freecom Musicpal (Marvell-based)

There are 2 very different devices, identified by their model code:-

Starting with SSRAA
These are based on the Marvell 88W8618 VoIP SoC, and what this page discusses.
Starting with SSRBA
These are based on another (gemini?) SoC. I do not have one of these, so nothing useful here


The main chips on the board are:

SoCMarvell 88W8618-BBS1
LCDAshan YMC12864 (DGL-0301W-4DK YMC12864-132ACDNDGL)
SDRAM2x Samsung K4S281632I-UC75 128Mbitx16 PC133
FlashSST39VF6401B 64Mbit
PHYMarvell 88E3015-NNP1
CodecWolfson WM8750BG 76AC6HF


Front of PCB and back.

USB Port

The USB port is initially unpopulated but a new socket can be soldered on easily, firmware will support it.

Serial port

The serial port is available on the 9-pin connector behind the LCD, along the top of the board. The connector accepts a Molex 51021-0900, and RS has the connector and the cable. Pinout is as follows:


As ever, a TTL-232R-3V3-AJ is handy here.

Unpopulated headers

The board has quite a few holes for expansion. On the LCD side...

Serial connector (top centre behind LCD)
9 pin Molex socket
JP502 (bottom right)
5x2 header, connected to the AVR
R536 (bottom right)
Jumper next to AVR
SW1000 (right)
Surface-mount switch, near AVR
JP501 (right)
Jumper above SW1000, part of unpopulated logic on other side
SW503 (top left)
Surface-mount switch
MK600 (top left)
JP600 (left)
Extra speaker connector, wired directly to actual connector

And on the side with the SoC...

JP602 (bottom right)
2x8 header, probably JTAG
J501 (bottom left)
9 pin unpopulated Molex, like serial
JP701 (top centre)
5x2 mini header
U601 (top centre)
8-pin surface mount chip
U700 (top centre)
16-pin surface mount chip
J1000 (left)
External Wifi antennae connector
JP800 (centre)
Mini-jumper, to PHY centre