Lenovo Thinkpad T460s & Debian Linux

Still not as good as the X201s, but meh it'll do.

Huawei ME906s 4G Modem

The cheaper of the 2 modems available, and slightly less US centric.

Connecting without NetworkManager

NetworkManager does a bunch of stuff to handle the card, but I don't use it.

There's several modes that it can work in, but MBIM was easiest to get going. First, apt install libmbim-utils.

Then set your network details in /etc/mbim-network.conf:

cat <<EOF >/etc/mbim-network.conf
APN=(network apn)
APN_USER=(network user)
APN_PASS=(network pass)

Then I use the following script, connect-4g to disable wifi and connect:

set -eu

wpa_action wlan0 stop

WDM_DEVICE="$(ls -1 /dev/cdc-wdm* | head -1)"
NET_DEVICE="$(basename /sys/class/net/wwp0s20f*)"

mbimcli -d $WDM_DEVICE --set-radio-state=on
mbim-network $WDM_DEVICE start

mbim-network $WDM_DEVICE status || true
ifup $NET_DEVICE=net-untrusted
echo "Press enter to disconnect..."
read moo

ifdown wwp0s20f0u2c3
mbim-network $WDM_DEVICE stop
mbimcli -d $WDM_DEVICE --set-radio-state=off

ifup wlan0